Not Just a Space

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Not Just a Space


At capital prime we are developing the most attractive Icon Among the New Capital Iconic Landmarks in which we came up with the Black crystal building, Designed for your comfort and nature in mind. This Building not only reflects how special the project is, but also reflects how our vision Drives us to deliver a piece of art for our customers to always feel Unique and satisfied with what they are about to experience.


Created and master planned by Egypt's acclaimed Raef Fahmy architect by which he is recognized to be one of the world's most innovative architect.

Capital prime draws on that tradition with architecture that reflects not just built up area, but also the imagination form of the crystal shaped Icon Within the project.

The project has been aesthetically designed, transforming modern designs into an inviting contemporary reality.

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Suite 202-203, Concord Plaza,
North 90 St., Fifth settlement,
New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Hotline : 19684

Telephone : 01149011997